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The Summit Towers on Hollywood Beach, FL

summit-exterior1The Summit is a condo project of 2 towers, 24 stories in each, located at 1201 S. Ocean Drive  in Hollywood Florida.     Unlike many condo buildings on the beach, the Summit is uniquely healthy and stable financially.

About the Summit

Since the building was built in 1981, we’ve seen a lot of cycles in the Florida real estate market. We are all aware of our current market conditions, not only in South Florida, but globally, and not only in real estate but in all industries. With that said, we are happy to report that Summit condo sales are moving quite well, in sharp contrast to many other buildings on the Beach. In the past year alone, from Jan-Dec, 2008 : 19 units were sold, according to MLS data. Today, there are 30 units for sale which represents a mere 5% of the total units.

                                                                                                      Why the Summit has such strength in the marketplace:                                                    boardwalk

The last is extremely significant in view of all the foreclosures and short sales that so many other buildings are experiencing. Not only does that drag down the value of neighboring units, but when unit owners cannot pay maintenance, the maintenance deteriorates and other owners must take up the slack. The Summit has not suffered from this type of decline, and is one of the few Beach condo buildings where most sales are without bank interference, and where new bank financing is still feasible.

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