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Why taking a cruise is so much better when you live in South Florida

cruise shipNever really thought I was a cruise-type person (if there is such a thing). But I’ve discovered the ease and simplicity of a cruise vacation, in our post 9/11 world, especially when you live in South Florida. It begins with arrivals and continues through to departures: no airport stress, in fact driving and finding parking right at the ship terminal couldn’t be easier. You can be setting sail on a 14-dayon board fun odyssey, or a 3-day outing, like the Labor Day weekend I recently cruised with my family. The wonderful cruise photos you see here were taken by our new friend, Bob, who was kind enough to email these photos the same day we returned from our cruise. Thanks Bob!

The best part of cruising for me: not the food, not the places you visit, but the chance to disconnect along with your fellow travelers; everyone from young to old gets to spend the time as they choose. And you don’t have to put on weight!

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Hollywood Beach Condo Sales: Is It Gloom & Doom or Hope on the Horizon?

hollywood condo sales We’ve all heard the expression “Numbers don’t lie” . but we also know that they can be used to prove different points of view, depending on the numbers you choose to emphasize and the point you’re trying to make. More than ever, professionals and consumer alike are being barraged by an onslaught of statistics, (we used to call them sadistics), including graphs, trend reports, etc— mostly telling us that inventory is up! prices are falling! sales are down!

But are there regional differences, or are all communities alike? Are there pockets of opportunity for the savvy buyers & sellers?

Using the graph as illustration, showing sales of waterfront condos in Hollywood, in particular those within the 33019 zip code, it is possible to focus on one area’s listing/sale ratios. Looking at the condo market priced between $250 to $600,000, I was surprised to discover that, although the average sales price had been trending down since last July, it had started to move from March/April in an upwards direction.

Does this mean the correction is flattening out, at least for this area, spelling GOOD NEWS for sellers, and a Call for buyers to ACT NOW.

To negotiate these murky market waters, it has never been more important to have the benefit of the expertise of a real estate professional. For further discussion on market data, please feel free to contact me at:

Ellen Windheim
[email protected]

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Josh’s Organic fruit & vegetable market right on the boardwalk in Hollywood


Add this gem of a farmer’s market to all the reasons why you should live near the Hollywood Boardwalk.

For about the last 4 and 1/2 years, Josh has been bringing fruits & veggies so fresh, they can be on your table within 24 hours of having been picked in the field. Organics don’t come any better or fresher, as Josh’s devotees congregate from near and far to sample wares and try juice concoctions made right on the spot, all within steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

Check out my future posts on Hollywood Beach & Boardwalk, and why I think it’s one of the best places in the world to adopt as your ‘hood.


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Baptized by Dunkin Donuts at Hollywood Beach Theatre

hollywood beach A walk along the newly upgraded Hollywood Broadwalk never fails to delight.

With the full moon casting its magic ( and blessings), on the ocean- side activities, a crowd of many on-lookers had gathered at the Hollywood Beach Theatre: the outdoor bandshell memorialized in that steamy crime mystery flick, Body Double. Many, like me, attracted by the music, or just the curiosity about an Event.

Then, I saw the banner, proclaiming a baptism on the Beach, sponsored by those papal hounds, Dunkin Donuts??? First, DD announces that they will ban transfats in their donuts, appealing to adherents of diet orthodoxy. Now, they’re wooing the baptismal crowd, complete with Christian rock band. And everyone, whatever their state of attire, or religious affiliation, wore smiles on their faces!

And that’s why I love the Hollywood Boardwalk! You never know what you’re going to find.

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Party with 300 of your closest friends on a private lanai on the beach at 18911 Collins

ocean III lanai

Sunny Isles Beach, that is. Of course, first you ‘d have to

  1. BUY this 3BR/4 .5 B condo, then
  2. Buy alot of cocktails and hors d’oevres, and then
  3. you would have more friends than you thought you already had. But you’d also get the ocean lapping in your ears, a private door to the tennis courts, and A fabulous deal all around for only $1, 180, 000.

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