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904 Manatee Way Harbor Islands Hollywood Fl 33019

904 Manatee Way

Nestled within the upscale community of Harbor Islands, this home is situated on one of the best streets within this desirable enclave and  has many unique features, just to name a few:

                                                                                                                                                                                                And more!

                                                                                                 Please click on the link to see a virtual tour.  http://www.obeo.com/733167 


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Josh’s Organic Garden: Hollywood Broadwalk


joshs-organicLast Sunday I was taking one of my regular jogs along the Hollywood  Broadwalk, (Hollywood Florida) and stopped off at Josh’s Organic Garden for a delicious freshly squeezed smoothie.  Even before the market had officially opened, there were already over a dozen people waiting  around to be among the first to pick out their organic fruits and veggies. On my return run some 40 minutes later, there were maybe 100 shoppers checking out the open air stalls, with Josh’s voice booming out as he rushed around to ensure all questions were answered, everyone was being served. and the friendly spirited staff were keeping up with all the activity.

I knew this was peak selling time, so I didn’t want to take up too much of Josh’s time. I asked him to point out what he thought might be the extra special produce of the day. He didn’t point it out: he insisted on taking me to the individual stalls so I could taste the items he was particularly proud of.  He picked up some cherry tomatoes, the golden orange kind, the deeper the orange color the better, and they were the sweetest I had ever tasted; then he directed me to the freshest greenest best smelling  basil and dill, combined with the tomatoes, they left a taste sensation I won’t soon forget. Then, I just had to have a taste of the plums, and , when he peeled back the husk of a corn and gave me a section to try, I was frankly taken aback.  You mean I don’t have to cook it first? I bit into it, and it was pretty good. (Still prefer my corn on the Cobb BBQ style).

Josh’s Organic Garden is unique even as farmers’ markets go:

If you’ve been to Josh’s, you know what I’m talking about.  Please feel free to share your great Josh’s Organic Garden experience.

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The Venture at Aventura, Fl: 18900 NE 29th Ave, Penthouse 16

venture view from ph #16The Venture in AventuraI drive past the Venture condo development most days, on my way to EWM’s Aventura office, which is only a couple of blocks away, and I think how well situated it is, and if I lived there I wouldn’t even need to drive to work. The Venture is adjacent to Loehmann’s Plaza, Founder’s Park and Country Club Drive, with its jogging and bicycle path, and Aventura Mall, with all its restaurants, shops, and cinemas.

Aventura is known for its great schools, both public and private. And, located between Fresh Market and Whole Foods, the opportunities for food shopping are amazing. Not only can you find all these urban amenities at your doorstep, but the Venture itself has some pretty terrific features:

The Penthouse units are especially attractive, in that the ceilings are 10 feet high. Penthouse #16 has great water views, and can now be purchased at an amazingly low price. So come check it out! http://sef.mlxchange.com/Pub/EmailView.asp?r=972257349&s=SEF&t=SEF

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South Florida Hospitals: Not Sicko

aventura hospitalDespite Michael Moore’s condemnation of our healthcare, I have to share some personal experiences I’ve had with our hospitals in South Florida.

On 2 different occasions, once when I had to bring my young daughter to the emergency room at Joe Dimaggio, the children’s wing of the Memoral Regional Hospital, www.memorialregional.com and another time when my husband was rushed to the emergency room at Aventura Hospital www.aventurahospital.com . Both times, I was truly amazed by the attention and speed of care. We were immediately admitted, tests were administered, before anyone even asked how we would be paying.

And that is how emergency rooms in American hospitals work: you cannot be denied medical attention. This is in sharp contrast to the Canadian system, where, through personal experience, I have seen patients waiting for hours before any triage was done, and being required to show some proof for payment. Now that is sicko.

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Restaurants on the Hollywood Boardwalk or How to Eat Well and Stay Fit at the same time?

sunsetOxymoron, you say? No, Hollywood Boardwalk I say. Look, it’s this easy: pick your favorite eating place, and there are quite a few to choose from, and your preferred mode of working it off– jogging, rollerblading, biking, walking or swimming– and you have the perfect solution to keeping fit, dining out, and enjoying some ocean air with magnificent sunsets to cap it off. Doesn’t get much better.

Thai Sushi by the Beach or the SugarReef are among my personal favorites.

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Why taking a cruise is so much better when you live in South Florida

cruise shipNever really thought I was a cruise-type person (if there is such a thing). But I’ve discovered the ease and simplicity of a cruise vacation, in our post 9/11 world, especially when you live in South Florida. It begins with arrivals and continues through to departures: no airport stress, in fact driving and finding parking right at the ship terminal couldn’t be easier. You can be setting sail on a 14-dayon board fun odyssey, or a 3-day outing, like the Labor Day weekend I recently cruised with my family. The wonderful cruise photos you see here were taken by our new friend, Bob, who was kind enough to email these photos the same day we returned from our cruise. Thanks Bob!

The best part of cruising for me: not the food, not the places you visit, but the chance to disconnect along with your fellow travelers; everyone from young to old gets to spend the time as they choose. And you don’t have to put on weight!

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Josh’s Organic fruit & vegetable market right on the boardwalk in Hollywood


Add this gem of a farmer’s market to all the reasons why you should live near the Hollywood Boardwalk.

For about the last 4 and 1/2 years, Josh has been bringing fruits & veggies so fresh, they can be on your table within 24 hours of having been picked in the field. Organics don’t come any better or fresher, as Josh’s devotees congregate from near and far to sample wares and try juice concoctions made right on the spot, all within steps from the Atlantic Ocean.

Check out my future posts on Hollywood Beach & Boardwalk, and why I think it’s one of the best places in the world to adopt as your ‘hood.


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Baptized by Dunkin Donuts at Hollywood Beach Theatre

hollywood beach A walk along the newly upgraded Hollywood Broadwalk never fails to delight.

With the full moon casting its magic ( and blessings), on the ocean- side activities, a crowd of many on-lookers had gathered at the Hollywood Beach Theatre: the outdoor bandshell memorialized in that steamy crime mystery flick, Body Double. Many, like me, attracted by the music, or just the curiosity about an Event.

Then, I saw the banner, proclaiming a baptism on the Beach, sponsored by those papal hounds, Dunkin Donuts??? First, DD announces that they will ban transfats in their donuts, appealing to adherents of diet orthodoxy. Now, they’re wooing the baptismal crowd, complete with Christian rock band. And everyone, whatever their state of attire, or religious affiliation, wore smiles on their faces!

And that’s why I love the Hollywood Boardwalk! You never know what you’re going to find.

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