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Obama, Buffet and Me

So you’re wondering what do Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, and Ellen Windheim have in common?  I recently received an email from a friend commenting  on the success of many of my Columbia University alumni, including Buffet and Obama.  Before contacting Warren and Barack  with some fantastic buying opportunities in the South Florida real estate market, I thought I should verify their educational backgrounds.  I had thought that Obama was a Harvard graduate, but it turns out my friend was right: Obama did go to Columbia for undergraduate political science studies.

And, in what must be one of Harvard’s worst admission decisions, Warren Buffet was actually rejected by Harvard, and attended Columbia Graduate School.  As for me, I also went to Columbia University School of Business for my Masters in Business Administration.

Tenuous connections, you might think, for networking with these superstars: the richest man in the universe (still?)and the  President of the United States?  Maybe, but I’m still looking forward to the next Columbia Alumni mixer.

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