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Josh’s Organic Garden: Hollywood Broadwalk


joshs-organicLast Sunday I was taking one of my regular jogs along the Hollywood  Broadwalk, (Hollywood Florida) and stopped off at Josh’s Organic Garden for a delicious freshly squeezed smoothie.  Even before the market had officially opened, there were already over a dozen people waiting  around to be among the first to pick out their organic fruits and veggies. On my return run some 40 minutes later, there were maybe 100 shoppers checking out the open air stalls, with Josh’s voice booming out as he rushed around to ensure all questions were answered, everyone was being served. and the friendly spirited staff were keeping up with all the activity.

I knew this was peak selling time, so I didn’t want to take up too much of Josh’s time. I asked him to point out what he thought might be the extra special produce of the day. He didn’t point it out: he insisted on taking me to the individual stalls so I could taste the items he was particularly proud of.  He picked up some cherry tomatoes, the golden orange kind, the deeper the orange color the better, and they were the sweetest I had ever tasted; then he directed me to the freshest greenest best smelling  basil and dill, combined with the tomatoes, they left a taste sensation I won’t soon forget. Then, I just had to have a taste of the plums, and , when he peeled back the husk of a corn and gave me a section to try, I was frankly taken aback.  You mean I don’t have to cook it first? I bit into it, and it was pretty good. (Still prefer my corn on the Cobb BBQ style).

Josh’s Organic Garden is unique even as farmers’ markets go:

If you’ve been to Josh’s, you know what I’m talking about.  Please feel free to share your great Josh’s Organic Garden experience.

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