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South Florida Hospitals: Not Sicko

aventura hospitalDespite Michael Moore’s condemnation of our healthcare, I have to share some personal experiences I’ve had with our hospitals in South Florida.

On 2 different occasions, once when I had to bring my young daughter to the emergency room at Joe Dimaggio, the children’s wing of the Memoral Regional Hospital, www.memorialregional.com and another time when my husband was rushed to the emergency room at Aventura Hospital www.aventurahospital.com . Both times, I was truly amazed by the attention and speed of care. We were immediately admitted, tests were administered, before anyone even asked how we would be paying.

And that is how emergency rooms in American hospitals work: you cannot be denied medical attention. This is in sharp contrast to the Canadian system, where, through personal experience, I have seen patients waiting for hours before any triage was done, and being required to show some proof for payment. Now that is sicko.

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